About Us

Listening Ears is an innovative derivation of Starkey Foundation whose motto has always been to serve hearing-impaired people with power of hearing. In continuation with the noble intention, we have taken the next step by opening the pre-schools to help in the mainstreaming of the infants and toddlers who are born with hearing impairment.

Our Purpose

Listening Ears – A Starkey Education Initiative – is a center for kids with hearing impairment to help them with speech and language development. With its partners in education for hearing impaired, has been running such schools in the United States of America for a long time. Now, the same technology and resources are being deployed in India, through Listening Ears. Restoring the ability to hear is the first step in developing the language related abilities in the children with hearing loss. We believe, they too deserve to learn and recognize the meaning of each sound and word they come across.

How We Do It

Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) sessions at Listening Ears help a child to learn to hear and thus acquire speech and language. Specially trained counsellors, auditory verbal therapists (AVTs) & Speech Therapists of Listening Ears work closely with the parents to educate and train them with the stages of the development of speech and language.

We offer supportive care for young preschool children with hearing impairment to help them get into mainstream education.

Our center offers onsite audiologists with latest audiology equipment, in order to conduct regular assessment of students to ensure that they have access to the most beneficial hearing aid.

Our Vision

At Listening Ears– A Starkey Education Initiative – we believe that every child deserves to hear and become communication competent, to maximize the benefits of the highest quality education and opportunity.

Our Mission

At Listening Ears – A Starkey Education Initiative –  we wish to serve the hearing impaired children with a distinctive and innovative educational program that includes: development of spoken language, individual Auditory Verbal therapy, rigorous academic standards and curriculum, motivating and language enriched environment, qualified trained teachers with ongoing teacher training, state-of-the-art technology, parent education and involvement, active audiological management, and emphasis on the arts to enhance public speaking skills. Starkey India’s research team will conduct an ongoing research through its relationship with the local universities and share the learnings on an international level.

We – at Listening Ears – A Starkey Education Initiative believe, that each hearing impaired child will be able to share space with their hearing peers and, will also attain communicative competence, become literate, succeed academically and an enthusiastic learner to become school ready. The culture at Listening Ears will value and respect every person working at, attending or visiting the school.