Our philosophy

Listening Ears focuses on the speech and listening skills. Our students go through individual session for speech instructions, everyday. Communication is a part of our everyday life. That is why, Listening Ears emphasizes on communication as the most essential aspect to be taken care of. It is an inalienable right of each child to represent him or herself through communication. Everyone is expected to communicate to the best of their capability.  Our target is to develop smooth and easy capability to communicate among all the hearing-impaired children at Listening Ears.

We are committed to provide language and speech ability to the hearing-deprived children. Listening Ears has all the necessary tools, technology and trained instructors for, both, parents and children, in order to deliver optimal result. Meeting with the needs of parents and children, we have customizable programs according to the age and ability of the individual students. Our decades old Starkey legacy, of providing hearing support to the people, comes in handy for the task.  Hence, at Listening Ears – A Starkey Education Initiative– we offer an unique opportunity to the children with hearing impairment, to have an independent and confident future.