Counseling Standpoint for Hearing-Impaired children

Children with special hearing needs require intense attention and guidance to lead a normal life. Counseling services at Listening Ears, have the capacity to groom your hearing-impaired child while guiding such children in developing various skills.

How Our Counselling Helps?

Counseling for hearing-impaired children is essential in order to develop a positive attitude towards life and existence. At Listening Ears, such children acquire the ability to interact with their surroundings, and our Counseling Services at the preschool help them integrate better with the society. Counseling Services at Listening Ears provide –

  • Ability & Inability Assessment – Counseling professionals adeptly discovers the bright and dark side of your child’s ability through screening – also pertinent for the newborn infants.
  • Guidance to parents – Parents are specifically addressed, for their behavioral and teaching aptitude as they are the first teachers and model for their children.
  • Supporting the Kids – Out of all the programs invented for hearing impaired kids, apt training session and duration is decided according to the child’s caliber.
  • Appropriate Aid – Choosing the of appropriate hearing aid during training program.
  • Deciding the future. At Listening Ears, experienced professionals, who have been dealing with such children for a long time, help you in selecting the right destination for your child.