Listening Ears offers specialized programmes ideally for children aged 2-2.5 years. It is always advisable to provide an early intervention to children with hearing loss. The sooner the intervention, the better results it offers. But, Listening Ears, also helps and supports children above the age of 4 years. This is to optimise for them the benefits of the currently available hearing devices, given the late start. Listening Ears facilitates individualised sessions, to develop in them linguistic abilities that are important for them to be at par with their normal hearing peers. We also support them with speech therapy sessions for speech clarity and elocution. All this is done after their school hours.

Pre-School Education

(Fun & Learn) 2-3 years 

Preschool education for hearing impaired toddlers incorporates a range of training and knowledge sharing sessions before they actually go to school. Preschool education for Listening Ears students incorporates training sessions not only between therapists and students but, also between therapists and parents.

Speech Rehab


Speech rehab programme – Talk-it-Up – is designed for children with partial or complete hearing loss, aged between 2 – 2 ½ years. The program is not just for the children but also for their parents. It will empower the parents with skills to develop their children’s auditory awareness and spoken language through day-to-day experiences in life.

The programme will be held once a week for 2 hours. This will help children and parents build interaction skills that will build the foundation for all listening, language and speech quality as required to lead a normal life.


By mainstreaming, we mean, that your child will be given a competence to behave and interact as other ordinary kids in regular schools. Our training and guidance will help the child to get adjusted to his/her hearing aids along with teaching imparted to them to generate ability to recognize words and languages.

Our Mainstreaming Process

A team of specialists at Listening Ears collaborate to mainstream hearing-impaired children and allow them mainstream into regular education in future.


–   Listening ability – to be able to pay attention to teachers, parents, guardians and others and respond accordingly.

–    Learning ability – learn and grasp lessons and things around with ease.

–   Expressive ability – evolve the ability to express their needs, happiness and problems and happiness.

–   Interaction ability – develop the ability to be an active participant in any conversation.

–   Distinguishing ability – develop the skill to discriminate between things around.

Parent Training Program

At Listening Ears, we consider parents as partners. Parents are, after all, the child’s first teachers. We impart special training to parents to help their children groom up better and faster. Children spend most of their time at home with them. That is why; parents can help the child immensely through the difficult phase of hearing aid acceptance, speech and language learning and auditory training. Besides, home offers an important opportunity for the parent to carry over the activities as advised by the teacher.

About Training Sessions

The school staff provides training of 2 days for Parents, with the following schedule:

Day 1: Tools to Use at Home

Day 2: Examples of Success

Throughout this session, staff members utilizes a variety of methods to ensure parents are committed and prepared to work with their child in developing spoken language. Training sessions include:

  • Formal presentations
  • Hands-on breakout sessions
  • Sample videos of AVT therapy
  • Web-conferencing with experts and parents
  • Guest speakers