What is Early Intervention

Early intervention is a support and educational system for very young children (aged birth to six years) who have been victims of, or who are at high risk for a disability condition. Early intervention begins with a visit to the school. Special child counsellor is part of a team of professionals, including an audiologist, speech and language pathologist, primary care physician, and most importantly, you.

Ages 0-2 ½ years

The programme is especially for toddlers who have just been diagnosed with hearing impairment. It provides them early training to identify and understand the sounds around them.

There are two main goals of Early Intervention:

Goal # 1 is to help the baby who is deaf or hard of hearing learn to communicate, to use any available hearing aid and to interact socially. Children learn skills best at a certain age. During these “sensitive periods,” your baby’s brain is ready to learn. Once the opportunities for learning are missed, it gets difficult to learn the skills later on.

Goal # 2 is to help your baby become a fully participating member of the family. Everyone in a family is important for your baby’s development, especially in terms of language and social skills. For example, you’ll want your baby to know what your family talks about at mealtime and what big brother and sister did at school. And, like all other young children, you’ll want your baby to understand where you’re going when you get into the car, when it’s time to go to bed and when it’s time to play.

Helping children with hearing loss is often different than helping other children needing special education. Your special child counsellor needs special training to provide you and your baby access to the language. To help your baby, there are areas that your special child counsellor   knows about. He/she knows about hearing aids, cochlear implants and audiograms.  He/she can help parents turn their home into a good interacting environment. Special child counsellor can recognize the cues our children give us when they want to communicate something.

Special child counsellor knows ways to help your baby develop some skills at the same age that normal children without hearing impairment do. Your specialist is a trained professional who has knowledge of hearing loss and its effect on a child’s communication development. Primary goal of your specialist is to help you communicate with your child and encourage his or her development. Your specialist will work closely with you to identify your needs and set priorities for your baby, help you locate resources, and answer your questions.  Read More

Early Intervention plays vital role

Early Intervention programme at Listening Ears plays a vital role in child’s learning process. Babies begin to learn things right from the time they are in the womb of their mother. It is advised not to waste critical time. Critical Period for developing the ability for spoken language is 3 ½ yrs. At that stage, the brain has the maximum neural Plasticity. The child too must learn early to grow up with the hearing aids/cochlear implant (CI) and accept them easily. Most importantly, children learn to make use of their residual hearing and acquire speech and language faster if they start earlier. Starting at an older age, not only slows down the ability to learn and speak, it can severely jeopardise.

How We Help?

We strongly believe in parents as our partners. We establish strong relationship with parents for the purpose of development and success of the child. Primed team of professionals at Listening Ears has the skill and potential to work on hearing-impaired children to adjust them to the surroundings.