How to Enroll

Enrollment process for Listening Ears involves sessions of interaction between Child Psychologist and parents to gauge their interest and purpose of enrollment

Children will be taken through to a complete hearing assessment to assess their hearing levels and knowledge of sounds and words they possess, if any. A detailed baseline speech and language evaluation will also be performed by a team of speech and language pathologists.

We provide extensive school programs, adept staffs and expert faculty to guide your child through the sessions to a better level of understanding. However, parents’ or guardians’ involvement is also required in grooming up the child.

Eligibility criteria for admission at Listening Ears

Age: Ideal age of the child must fall between 2 to 2.5 years.

Benchmark Assessments: Team of professionals conducts benchmark assessments every 6 weeks in order to track progress of sound, speech, and language development in the child. Each student undergoes individual assessment.

Annual Assessments: The team also conducts annual assessments of students at individual level to measure language development.

Tuition Fee: For fees related information, contact out counsellors. Any kind of changes in the fee structure will be established by the school’s Board of Directors, each year. Some students are also rewarded with funding schemes through various agencies based on their means and merit. Tuition fee from the parents is not the only source to cover the actual cost of running the Listening Ears. Our school looks forward to the contributions from friends, parents, grandparents, family members of the students and others willing to donate and offer their hands. These contributions also help provide the education to financially deprived special children to, thus, fulfil our mission.

Contact us by email to or call 9205194100/103 for more information regarding tuition and financial aid.