About Mainstreaming

While talking about mainstreaming we mean that your child will be given a competence to behave and interact as other ordinary kids in the society and schools. Our training and guidance to get adjusted with hearing aids along with teaching them to generate ability to cognize words and languages for their easy and fast integration into the regular school classrooms ahead. Mainstreaming, at A Starkey Education Initiative, is now possible at quite early age.

Training at early age develops fast learning and adjusting ability in toddlers.

Our Mainstreaming Process

Primed team of specialists at Starkey School work in collaborative environment to mainstream hearing-impaired children and allow them to grow as per their desired lifestyle. Extensive and elaborative programs and structures of our school aid them to grow in active environment. We ensure your child is active throughout the day and their active participation in conversation, activities, playing and learning is also considered sincerely.


  • Listening ability – they will be able to pay attention to teachers, parents, guardians and others and respond accordingly
  • Learning ability – to learning and grasp lessons and things around with ease
  • Expressive ability – will develop the ability to express their feelings, pains, happiness, needs, thoughts and other sensory matters.
  • Interaction ability – they will be an active participant of conversation with less or no break in fluency while speaking.
  • Distinguishing ability – they will develop the skill to discriminate things around.