Our mission is to enable hearing-impaired children to listen and speak like their hearing peers. We aim to give deaf children with cochlear implants or hearing aids the ability to fulfil their potential and live an independent life in a hearing and speaking world.

Our Vision to serve the hearing impaired kids with a intensive, evidenced-based intervention through Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT), rigorous academic standards and curriculum, motivating and language enriched environment, qualified trained teachers, parent education and involvement, active audiological management.

Our School – Listening Ears – is open for such special kids, for early intervention, speech rehabilitation and basic education programs. A Starkey Education Initiative is not merely about training and educating kids but to motivate them to live a cheerful and confident life ahead.

Listening Ears is growing and our programs are expanding. The expansion involves increasing our geographical reach to allow more people access to our services. It also involves growth in the range of programs and the impact we have on those needing our services. We are able to utilise different methodologies to enhance the impact of our programs. Our growth is measured to provide sustainable outcomes and improvements.

We have a team focus and collaborate with each other to produce outstanding results. We work together, using evidence, to produce outstanding results for those with hearing, speech and language impairments that impact the families and communities in which we work.

Our success lies in the vital role that parents/caregivers play in teaching their children to listen and speak.