PreSchool Education (Fun & Learn)

Preschool education for hearing impaired toddlers incorporates a range of training and knowledge sharing sessions before they actually go to school. Preschool education for Listening Ears students incorporates training sessions not only between therapists and students but, also between therapists and parents.

Listening Ears Agenda


–         Establish interest in children for learning through persistence and varying degrees of initiatives.

–         Activities are formulated around these behaviors to bolster the initiatives and to help enhance the receptive-expressive language, comprehension and print awareness.


–         To understand meanings and respond to counter-connected words (“stop-go”, “sit-stand,” big-small’, little-more” “up-down”).

–         Two understand and follow two-edged requests at a time (“Take the book and keep it in the bag”).

–         To listen to and enjoy hearing tales and long stories.

  •  Talking:

–         To have words for almost everything.

–         To use double or triple-word sentences to talk about and ask for things.

–         To get used to k, g, f, t, d, and n sounds.

–         To ask for object directly by naming them

–         To start asking questions.