Center for Autism in Noida

Autism Center in Noida:

There’s a popular saying that people who are familiar with autism may have heard. It goes like this: ‘If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.’

Autism is the neuro-developmental disorder that causes challenges in language, communication, social interaction & usually restricted by repetitive behaviour & activity. 

Autism affects each child differently. the cause of ASD is still unknown. 

While people with autism share some common characteristics, their needs and the support they require varies from individual to individual. While some may face challenges with speech, others may avoid looking people in the eyes or not respond to any form of engagement at all.

Customized education plans

Naturally, for a parent to find out that their child has a lifelong developmental disability like autism can be heartbreaking. But we at Listening Ears, the best autism center in Noida, see this disability as nothing more than just a different way of experiencing the world. This is why we develop customized education plans for each child based on their diagnostic and developmental assessments.

As an award-winning autism center in Noida NCR, we understand how anxious you are about your kid coping with the demands of a school-going routine. We will help ease your child into this new phase of life with a guided, step-by-step transition routine.

Trained faculty

The Experienced team at Listening Ears center for autism in Noida comes with years of experience of training autistic children. From familiarizing your kid with the school environment to guiding you how to make a visual plan for the morning routines, we will give you specific advice about your child’s unique needs and the strategies you can adapt to make therapies less tiring and more effective for the child. 

Listening Ears- Center for autism in Noida, is a one-stop solution for specially-abled kids provide all scientifically proven therapy like –

  • Applied Behavior Therapy (ABA)
  • Speech therapy,
  • Occupational therapy,
  • Special education,
  • Language therapy,
  • Sensory Integration therapy
  • Play therapy n many more.

Remember, Early diagnosis leads to best early intervention plans for child life. With early planning and preparation, you can not only help your child get a quality education but also ensure that they reach their full potential.

If You Have Concerns, Get Your Child Screened At Listening Ears- Noida, India’s Best Early Intervention Center In India.

Our early intervention program is a multi-disciplinary approach with emphasis on assisting the child to reach their full potential. The services are individualized to each child’s need and integrate many disciplines such as Audiologist, Speech Pathologists, Special Educator, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, ABA Therapist & Early childhood Specialist.

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