We, at Listening Ears, provide a wide range of teaching and training facilities to our students to mainstream them into regular education in future. Our facilities and amenities are developed to orient our students and their parents to the Listening Ears

With an objective of creating an enabling space for the hearing impaired children, we have created a world-class facility that offers customized solutions.

Infrastructure We Provide -

The facilities  & amenities we offer to our students match the global standards. Listening Ears offers:

  • Team of professionals : AVT, Child Psychologist, Audiologist, Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist, Music Therapist, Early Childhood Specialist – who work together at Listening Ears.
  • Sound treated classrooms for individualized, Auditory Verbal Therapy, Speech & Language Therapy or Occupational Therapy..
  • These are sound treated rooms to monitor and improve signal to noise ratio with multimedia facilities.
  • iPad assisted teaching for interactive and effective education session.
  • An indoor communal space for group activities and lessons.
  • An indoor pollution free space for play, exercise, gardening, etc.
  • Toddler’s Library.
  • Parent-therapist partnership because Auditory Verbal Therapy is not just about parents’ participation. It is a powerful relationship that can match the therapist’s expertise in speech, language, and listening development with the parents’ unique knowledge of their child. It produces amazing results.
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