Autism in Kids in Delhi

Autism in kids is a condition that is hard not only on the child but on parents and teachers as well. Many public schools are simply not equipped to deal with autism in kids in Delhi, while some private institutes could cost you a fortune. In reality, it takes a lot of hard work to ensure that an autistic child’s language and behavioral issues do not get in the way of making the most of their classroom experience.

Autistic kids have unique needs

Though every autistic child displays the symptoms of the condition differently, it’s common for children with autism to be overwhelmed by the large crowds in a hallway or display sensitivity to loud noises like the school bell.

Many kids struggle with language development and have trouble making friends when others around them do not even understand what they are dealing with.

Therefore, to ensure that these kids thrive, they need to be placed in a calm atmosphere of an autism school in Delhi.

Why Listening Ears?

It’s not for nothing that Listening Ears is known as the best autism school in Delhi. At our centers, kids with autism receive:

  • One-on-one time and attention by highly-trained teachers
  • An educational plan tailored to their individual needs
  • Dedicated time for soothing therapies like music and floor activities
  • Customized language and speech therapies
  • Training to be a part of small group activities, and much more

The spectrum of autism is very wide. Which means the education model dedicated to kids with autism needs to be just as diverse. At Listening Ears autism school in Delhi, we look at the strengths of each child to determine the best way forward and ensure a promising future for them.

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