About Auditory-Verbal Therapy (AVT)

Our focus is to make the hearing impaired child an active participant in any communication or conversation. Auditory Verbal Therapy (AVT) for children helps them to understand the spoken words and, in turn, respond with speech. They are trained to use their residual hearing, enhanced by hearing aids or cochlear implants, to listen to the words and sounds and respond accordingly. At Listening Ears, we make sure our children become active listeners with an enthusiasm for learning words and sounds around them.

Our AVT Agenda

  • Detect the hearing impairment at the earliest possible age, ideally in the newborn babies and infants, through screening programs.
  • Utilize prompt and infallible management and maintenance for audiology supportive equipment.
  • Support children in integrating listening skills into their communication and social skills development.
  • Provide guidance and counseling to parents/guardians about the importance of spoken language development. Also, enlighten them with the impact of hearing impairment on the family.
  • Carry regular assessments and evaluation of child’s development through various diagnostic tools.
  • Provide apt support and services to offer children a platform for education, social inclusion and encouragement in regular schools.

Why AVT Is Necessary For Your Children?

The question, not surprisingly, might have struck many parents’ minds. However, the fact that AVT is certainly a necessary quotient for your children is justified due to following reasons:

  • Children will be able to distinguish meaning and sense of different words using their residual hearing power or through hearing aids. They will grow up learning and developing vocabulary and language skills.
  • They will acquire ability to detect and recognize sound in the surroundings, understand language and respond faster. Verbal communication is developed through our AVT sessions.
  • Learning to listen is possible for hearing impaired children as well.

Why Us?

We pack a whole lot for our children. We equip them to grow, typically, amidst their ‘normal’ peers and pick up the skills that are present in other ordinary children of their age. Professionals and staff at Listening Ears work in collaboration with parents. All this is to give our children a sophisticated environment to play in and learn from.

We follow a carefully evolved and a tried & tested method. Since this method mandates an intimate involvement of the parents and guardians, their consent becomes crucial at several steps.

At Listening Ears, parents get to empower their children to take control of their destiny, irrespective of the hearing related challenges those children may have been born with.

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