Special Education in Delhi

On its own, hearing impairment does not affect a child’s ability to learn. But if a child has trouble understanding the language the education is being imparted in, the learning progress can get hampered. This is why, for children with hearing loss, special teaching techniques are required.

The Need for Special Education in Delhi

Children with exceptionalities benefit from an educational plan that has been tailored to their individual needs. This allows the child to take the maximum benefit from the grade-level curriculum. Not just that, hearing impaired children gain from having the classroom altered to their unique needs. Thoughtfully-designed acoustics that block outside noises and well-lit classrooms that give each child a clear view of the instructor and other visual mediums go a long way to make sure the learning environment is conducive for the specially-abled child.

Special Education Centre in Delhi

At Listening Ears special education school in Delhi, our faculty and staff are trained and experienced in teaching students with special needs. We provide the following services:

  • Speech and language therapy from highly-qualified specialists, including lip-reading
  • Sign-language specialists to serve as teachers and interpreters
  • Seating arrangement suitable for easy lip-reading
  • Visual teaching programs with captions
  • Assistance in taking notes
  • Regular counseling and assessment sessions
  • Personal amplification programs and device usage training
  • Group learning experiences to improve social skills, and much more…

Listening Ears special education center in Delhi aims to transform all its pupils into confident, independent-thinking learners. From instilling problem-solving skills in the children to assisting in their mainstreaming, we help and encourage each child to write their success story.

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