Occupational Therapy in Delhi

Occupational therapy for kids in Delhi is an educational technique that helps hearing impaired children undertake day-to-day activities in a manner that is therapeutic for them. Instead of dictating or asking children with hearing disabilities to do something, occupational therapists in Delhi makes them a part of the decision-making process.

Listening Ears occupational therapy center in Paschim Vihar, Delhi, has a highly-trained team of speech and language experts that comes with years of experience of working with children who are hard of hearing. These professionals are skilled at helping uniquely-abled kids fulfill their goals by engaging them in social activities and supporting them emotionally. The center also offers private therapy rooms and a range of resources and equipment in each classroom to support the child achieve success in daily activities.

Occupational Therapy: What to Expect

Listening Ears occupational therapy center in Delhi follows the following approaches while helping hearing impaired children achieve their goals:

Evaluation: We observe the child’s natural activities and motor skills to determine whether they are displaying age-appropriate skills

Goal-setting: The teachers undergo a comprehensive discussion and deliberation session with parents to mutually decide the common goals

Sensory integration: From enhancing the child’s sensory perception and cognitive skills to helping them fine-tune their hand-eye coordination and motor skills, our experts adopt a multi-sensory approach to teaching the child new skills

Home program: The parents are also taught ways and ideas to assist the child in a non-school environment

Assessment and intervention: Regular assessment sessions ensure the child is on track to reach the goals. Any gaps found are met through customized intervention plans

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