Little Explorers: Parent Toddler Program

18 Months- 3 Years

Our Early Intervention Programme is a comprehensive, integrated, multi-sensory program that aims to cater to children with complex needs. This programme is Ideal for children with complex early needs such as Hearing impairment, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Global Developmental Delay, cerebral palsy, neuro-development disorders, Learning Disability.

A program designed specially for uniquely-abled kids aged  18 Months –  3 years, With an aim to provide a language enriched environment to develop Spoken Language through listening & to mainstream in a formal school.

Our multi-disciplinary approach with emphasis on assisting each child to reach their full potential. The sessions are individualized to each child’s need and integrate many disciplines such as Audiologist, Speech Pathologists, Special Educator, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Early childhood Specialist & Music therapist.

Our Unique Pedagogy designed on the basic of Auditory verbal Approach of teaching young kids with any developmental delays to listen, learn & talk. We  follow a normal developmental milestones to address the specific needs of  child.

Our program includes guidance and support to encourage children’s development in following Domain:

  • Audition
  • Expressive & Receptive Language
  • Social skills and interaction
  • Fine and gross motor skills
  • Age appropriate concepts
  • Academic skills

Parent's Empowerment

We work with parents at every level. We establish strong relationship with parents for the purpose of development and success of the child. However the most important teacher in your child’s life isn’t the specialist – it is you. The way you model language and interact with your child on a daily basis is crucial to their ultimate success in the speaking world.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The professional staff at Listening Ears are here to help you.

Have fun and join in your child’s learning journey – it’s the most rewarding job you will ever do.

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