Cochlear Implant Center in Bangalore

While conventional hearing aid amplification is a popular option among children suffering from hearing impairment, the solution is limited in its scope. Those suffering from severe or profound hearing loss require a more powerful tool to understand language and communicate effectively.

How does a cochlear device work?

A cochlear is a small device that is surgically placed in the inner ear to electronically stimulate the auditory nerve. Since the device bypasses the damaged part of the hearing system, it is able to kindle the auditory nerve directly. A cochlear device comes in two parts – a surgically implanted part and a part that is worn externally.

At Listening Ears cochlear implant center in Bangalore, our state-of-the-art devices allow children with hearing loss to not only hear better in noisy environments but also enjoy music or swim without having to worry about the processor inside their ear.

Our services

Getting a cochlear implant is not a single-step process. Not only do the benefits of a cochlear implant vary from individual to individual, they are also dependent on a variety of factors. At Listening Ears cochlear implant center in Bangalore, we take care of all this by offering the following services:

  • Evaluation and test to determine candidacy for implantation
  • Customized device programming
  • Cochlear implant rehabilitation training
  • Speech therapy
  • Post-implant care and assessment
  • Group therapies for parents and family members

At Listening Ears cochlear implant center in Bangalore, our team of auditory-verbal therapists, child psychologists, audiologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, music therapists, and early childhood specialist ensure that your child gets the best pre- and post-implant care. We also have a dedicated partner network of public schools to assist with the mainstreaming of your hearing-impaired child.

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