Telehealth Sessions (2-10 Years)

Listening Ear’s Teleintervention Program provides outreach specialist services, via online video-conferencing sessions, to families who are unable to access our five centres in person. The Teleintervention Program is available to all families, but especially to families living in rural and remote regions of India, or who live overseas. The main aim is to guide and coach parents in their home environment, with experts in paediatric hearing loss supporting children’s listening, language and social development using every day equipment and daily life routines in order to help achieve the best possible outcomes for children. Families can access services using technology best suited to their needs, including laptops, iPads and tablets. Families who attend the Mainstream program, as well as the Teleintervention Program, have access to services including audiology, speech therapy, child and family counselling, group programs and face-to-face discussions about managing and living with hearing loss.

Parent's Empowerment

We work with parents as every level. We establish strong relationship with parents for the purpose of development and success of the child. However the most important teacher in your child’s life isn’t the specialist – it is you. The way you model language and interact with your child on a daily basis is crucial to their ultimate success in the speaking world.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The professional staff at Listening Ears are here to help you.

Have fun and join in your child’s learning journey – it’s the most rewarding job you will ever do.

To enquire about joining our Teleintervention Program, please call 1800-121-8535 or email

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