School For Deaf Children

School For Deaf Children

Listening Ears is an innovative derivation of Starkey Foundation whose motto has always been to serve hearing-impaired people with power of hearing. In continuation with the noble intention, we have taken the next step by opening the pre-schools to help in the mainstreaming of the infants and toddlers who are born with hearing impairment.

How To Enroll?

Enrollment process for Listening Ears involves sessions of interaction between Child Psychologist and parents to gauge their interest and purpose of enrolment.

Children will be taken through to a complete hearing assessment to assess their hearing levels and knowledge of sounds and words they possess, if any. A detailed baseline speech and language evaluation will also be performed by a team of speech and language pathologists.

We provide extensive school programs, adept staffs and expert faculty to guide your child through the sessions to a better level of understanding. However, parents’ or guardians’ involvement is also required in grooming up the child.

This is followed by filling up an application form.

Our Curriculum

The overall objective of this programme is to teach young children with hearing impairment to be competent communicators in spoken language and prepare them for mainstreaming.

Listening Ears– A Starkey Education Initiative – curriculum is designed on the basis of Auditory-Verbal Approach of teaching young children with hearing loss to listen, learn and talk.

In developing this curriculum, a comprehensive range of resources including a developmental checklist, assessment tools and professional literature have been used and referenced.

This curriculum provides a clear understanding of the scope and sequence of what we are teaching as well as establishing current levels of development for individual children.

Our curriculum has both six months and long term goals, which are further divided into monthly and weekly goals (short term).

Each month provides fun and engaging activities that we will do in the school. In addition there are carry over activities for parents to use at home to develop the child’s core learning areas of; audition, receptive language, expressive language and speech. Each week introduces a story book as well as a song or rhyme that supports the child’s targets. During the week, there are also strategies identified that will support families in working with their children.


We, at Listening Ears – A Starkey Education Initiative, provide a wide range of teaching and training facilities to our students to mainstream them into regular education in future. Our facilities and amenities are developed to orient our students and their parents to the Listening Ears approach. With an objective of creating an enabling space for the hearing impaired children, we have created a world-class facility that offers customised solutions.

Our Faculty & Staff

Listening Ears – A Starkey Education Initiative comprises a team of experienced and certified staffs and faculty to bring up your hearing-impaired child to live an ordinary, independent life.

  • Speech and Language Pathologists
  • Audiologists
  • Special Child Counsellors
  • Auditory Verbal Therapists
  • Speech Therapists

The team of therapists, pathologists, specialists and staffs are trained under a range of obligatory training courses including First Aider, Special Educational Needs, Deaf Awareness, Health and Safety, and Risk Assessment. Further, our staffs and coordinators are introduced to inclusive education.

Live Videos

At Listening Earsthe parents can observe the class, real-time-live, sitting in the ante-room, with the help of CCTV, on a dedicated monitor.

Advantages of Live Videos

  • Child’s safety and right training is assured.
  • It is easy to understand the pattern of lesson to be taught to the child at home.

Clinical Services

Along with education and training, we, at Listening Ears, provide the children with Clinical Services. This regularly serves the students with assessment and management of their hearing and ensues a proper functioning of their hearing aids.