Routine Checkup

Kids are sensitive. While considering an ear infection or likewise conditions, hearing-impaired children fail to recognize and express their issues. Thus, we have a full-time dedicated ENT specialist for routine checkups of your child. Our Health Office endows entire range of full-fledged instruments and facilities like diagnostic video endoscopes and latest audiology lab.

ENT specialists at Listening Ears conduct monthly/bimonthly checkups in order to ensure proper functioning of the ear. All ear related diseases are diagnosed and treated effectively.

Emergency Services

Children with hearing impairment may  face numerous problems related to ear. Pain, irritation, itching, and other such problems are commonly faced by such children while in a session. Any complain regarding ear or hearing issues, is resolved by onsite ENT specialists at Listening Ears. The Paediatric ENT surgeons at the School are well trained specialists who cater to children of all age group.

Nursing Staff

Hearing impaired children need special care and attention. Nursing staff of Listening Ears collaborates with other staff of the School to provide children with appropriate medical, psychiatric and emotional support.  Nurses play a vital role in our team. They provide reliable, caring presence to the children round the clock.