A Legacy Of Success

The Starkey Foundation – Legacy

Founder of the Starkey Hearing Foundation is Mr. William F. Austin. The foundation began in the year 1984 at Minnesota, USA. Mr. Austin started this Foundation as a pledge, to provide gift of hearing to the needy people. With a motive of changing the life of the hearing-impaired children, teens and adults, the foundation proceeded with the initiatives such as ‘Listen Carefully’ through which they have enlightened people with the science of hearing and side effects of high-decibel sounds.

Working for over 50 years on this mission, Starkey has created a sophisticated environment around hearing-impaired people. Starkey has also documented its success stories under a partnership with Operation Change – a series of documentary stories – that highlight the positive impact of the Foundation around the globe.

The Starkey Foundation – Glory!

The Starkey Foundation has been a proud member of the Clinton Global Initiative and has proudly pledged to offer more than a million hearing aids this decade. Every year, Starkey organizes a gala ‘So the World May Hear Awards’, to honour those who have contributed their energies and efforts to support the hearing impaired and, thus, help create a world that is kinder.

A few of such legends who were thus honoured, and who have, in the past, graced the gala of the Starkey Foundation, are – President Bill Clinton, President George W. Bush, Sir Richard Branson, Forest Whitaker, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and  Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

Our Stride

Chasing Starkey’s dream of a hearing enabled globe, we have stepped ahead with an innovative move, to groom hearing-impaired children. Our School – Listening Ears – is open for such special kids, for early intervention, speech rehabilitation and basic education programs. A Starkey Education Initiative is not merely about training and educating kids but to motivate them to live a cheerful and confident life ahead.