Difference Between Hearing and Listening

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June 29, 2017
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Difference Between Hearing and Listening

Difference Between Hearing and Listening
Hearing is the act of perceiving sound and receiving sound waves or vibrations through your ear. Listening is the act of hearing a sound and understanding what you hear.
Hearing is one of the five senses and it just happens all the time – whether you like it or not – unless you have a hearing problem Listening Requires concentration so that your brain processes meaning from words and sentences.
Hearing simply happens. Listening leads to learning.
Hearing is a skill where you use your ears only. It one of the five senses. Listening uses different senses, like the sense of hearing, seeing, or sense of touch.
Hearing is an involuntary act where you simply receive vibrations through your ears. Listening is a skill that lets the sound you hear go through your brain to process the meaning of it.
Physiological Psychological
Subconscious level Conscious level
Concentration is not required Concentration is required


  1. Hearing and Listening uses both your ears.
  2. Hearing is receiving sound waves through your ears, while listening means hearing and understanding what you’ve heard.
  3. Hearing is part of the five senses, while listening is a choice to hear and analyse what you hear.
  4. Hearing is using your ears only, while listening is using your body’s other senses.
  5. Listening is observing other’s behavior that can add meaning to the message, while hearing is simply receiving sound vibrations.
  6. Listening can build better relationships with others, while hearing cannot.
  7. Take good care of your ears; you cannot listen when you cannot hear.

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