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December 14, 2016
January 2, 2017

Fashion And Hearing Aids

Gone are the days when putting on a hearing aid was considered to be a subject of embarrassment. With the constant changes taking place in the market catering to hearing aids, people are now coming up with devices which are not only chic and stylish but even provide a great deal of comfort when compared to the older devices.

Generally when talking of a hearing device, one apparently thinks of an ugly looking gadget plugged into the ear lobe that helps people dealing with hearing loss. The very first type of hearing aid that came into existence were the body worn aids. This consisted of a case plus an earmold connected by a wire. Then we had Behind the ear aids or BTE, where there is a case, an earmold and a connection between them. Following the league stands In the ear aids or ITE that are custom made to fit each individual’s ear. The list goes on but every device comes with a monotony linked with it. But not anymore, current market of hearing devices offers you a vast collection to choose from.

While people mostly try to hide their hearing aids, innovative designs have now helped them to show off their novel style with great elan. It does sound unbelievable as to how one can carry these machines in sync with their fashion trends.

Currently the market of hearing aids is beaming with devices shaped as enticing earrings. These devices when worn give the onlookers an impression of a lovely earring. Right from the simple looking ones, to the lot enhanced with precious stones, there really exists a wide range to pick from.

Leave those awful hearing aids of yours aside and make some style statement adoring the happening devices.

Show off those hearing aids!

However, some hearing aid users would rather treat their hearing aids as a fashion statement.  Instead of trying to hide their aids, they accessorize them.  One enterprising young hearing aid-wearer created her own line of jewelry, shown on the left as worn by a customer.

Another hearing aid wearer (and audiologist) also created a line of jewelry designed to “turn hearing aids from a necessity to a must-have accessory.”  Her line features heart-shaped “hearrings” decorated with Swarovski crystals.

A few designers have developed really fun and interesting concepts, which would be exciting to see come out on the market.

Although it would have a limited target audience, a hearing aid for people with gauged ears is a novel, bold product.  It proclaims, “ Wear your hearing aid like a piece of jewelry, a stylish accessory. Be individual, be cool, be yourself.”

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Hearing Aids as a Fashion Statement


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