Listening Ears wins Best Early Intervention Preschool for Special Needs Children Award 2018

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Listening Ears wins Best Early Intervention Preschool for Special Needs Children Award 2018

The award was organized by Education World, India’s only education-focused national magazine

Listening Ears, Delhi, has been honored with the Best Early Intervention Preschool for Special Needs Children award under the Promising Preschool of the Future Awards 2018. The award was organized by Education World (EW), India’s only national magazine focusing on education news and coverage from all parts of the country.

Rohit Misra, Managing Director, Listening Ears received the award on behalf of the Starkey Education Initiative at the Early Childhood Education National Conference in Bengaluru on January 20, 2018. The interactive conference was graced by hundreds of early childhood care and education (ECCE) professionals, academicians, principals, and teachers from India’s top-ranked pre-primaries.

With roots in Starkey, USA, Listening Ears specializes in providing holistic development to children with hearing impairments in Delhi-NCR, Bengaluru, and Amritsar. Its multi-disciplinary team comprises of audiologists, speech pathologists, special educators, psychologists, occupational therapists, early childhood specialist, and music therapists.

Leveraging multiple early intervention programs, Listening Ears molds uniquely-abled kids to become competent communicators in spoken language. The institute conducts individualized sessions tailored to the children’s unique needs and prepares them for mainstreaming into a regular formal school.

The world-class facility at Listening Ears has early intervention programs designed specifically for both infants who have been diagnosed with hearing loss early, and toddlers above 18 months of age.

Highlights of Parent-Infant Program (0 – 18 Months)

Working with babies at a stage when their brain has the maximum neural elasticity, the team of professionals at Listening Ears provides infants with early training to help them identify and understand the sounds around them.
The child’s progress is gauged through several milestones, including accurate localization of sound source, easy identification of friendly and unwelcome vocal tones, understanding of simple instructions, and rapid response to loud, sudden noises.

Highlights of Parent-Toddler Program (18 Months – 3 Years)

This award-winning program is crafted on the basis of Auditory-Verbal Approach of teaching young kids with hearing loss to listen, learn, and talk. The program includes guidance and support to encourage children’s development in areas like expressive and receptive language, social skills and interaction, fine and gross motor skills, age-appropriate concepts, and academic skills.

The highly professional staff keeps the parents involved at every level by establishing a strong relationship with them. This is because Listening Ears understands that the way parents model their language and interact with the child on a daily basis is most crucial to the latter’s ultimate success in the speaking world.
Other programs and services

Apart from early intervention programs, Listening Ears takes pride in helping children between 3 – 4 years of age to get familiar with a language-enriched environment. The special education facility also works with children above 4 years of age to optimize for them the benefits of the currently available hearing devices.

Other available services include:

  • Audiology services for comprehensive hearing assessment;
  • Diagnostic and screening assessment to evaluate cognitive skills, developmental delay, etc.;
  • Auditory-verbal therapy to develop spoken language through listening;
  • Speech and language therapy for stammering, cleft palate, voice disorder, etc.;
  • Occupational therapy children suffering from conditions like autism and cerebral palsy.

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