Genetics of Auditory Disorders
February 8, 2017
Receptive Vocabulary Development in Deaf Children with Cochlear Implants
February 14, 2017

Visual Alerts

Visual Alerts

This kind of assistive device can also be used with the phone, doorbell, alarm clock and baby monitor, providing visual or loud audio cues when some kind of action is taking place.

An alerting system that vibrates may be the right option for you or, if you’d like your alerting system to work with more than one thing—such as the doorbell and the telephone—you can buy a combination signaler. Combo signalers can flash, produce a loud sound, or shake the bed to get your attention.

For parents with hearing loss, portable video monitors provide visual information about a child’s activities, detecting whether a baby is napping or a toddler is attempting to climb out of the crib. There are also options for connecting a cry sensor in your baby’s room to the bedroom lights or your alarm clock.

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